Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bacon makes everything better

I had some leftover bacon in the fridge with no plans for it so I was going to freeze it for later. I usually freeze bacon in two strip batches, which is just enough to fry up for a bit of flavor and fat for a wok full of greens (currently Swiss Chard from the garden). Then I remembered the bacon wrapped tofu mentioned on somewhere on the web.
It made a yummy snack. See Just Hungry for cooking instructions, though if you can fry bacon, you can make this. I didn't make bite-pieces, though that probably would have worked better. I just cut the tofu brick into five pieces because that's how many pieces I had. The larger pieces were a little difficult to turn. You can see the piece in front that broke. Be sure to overlap the edges. I think that helps keep the tofu together.


Rich said...

Last week, one of my neighbors wrapped a hunk of Spam in bacon. He said it was yummy. I didn't get a chance to taste the bacon-wrapped Spam.

~Holly~ said...

Mmmm...bacon!! I'm sold! LOL!

scrapper al said...

@Rich, bacon-wrapped spam? That's a heart attack on a plate! But it does sound yummy.