Saturday, April 06, 2013

Oil pulling, days 3 to 10

Back in February, I started oil pulling, just as an experiment. I did it ten times in a two week period. It was too difficult to do every day, especially days when I left for work early, but I tried to do it for the full 20 minutes when I did do it.

A few thoughts. I thought my teeth and mouth were cleaner, but how could they not be with an extra long teeth brushing session every morning? Better than that, I thought my plaque build up after eating was decreased. I did not notice any health improvements, but I assume I didn't do it long enough.

I found it was easier to just sit and do nothing while swishing the oil around. It was kind of meditative. Sitting in front of the computer was okay, but there was the day I had to sneeze and didn't make it to the bathroom sink in time. That was a mess.

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Lisa said...

I have been wondering about this, it is supposed to help w/ sinus too...