Saturday, April 06, 2013

It is a Swiss invasion

Swiss chard, that is. Here is an example of "it pays to be lazy." Last fall, I was too lazy to pull out all the Swiss chard after it bolted so all the seeds fell into the bed. This is what has come up in just one corner of the bed. I've harvested several batches already and have two containers washed and ready for later in the week.

Call me crazy, but I just ordered some yellow Swiss chard seeds (just adding more color to our dinner plate) so I know what we'll be eating all spring and summer. Share your favorite recipes please!


~Holly~ said...

Awesome!! I have lots of recipes for Swiss chard on my blog. I love cooking with it. It's very versitile!! Lucky you!! One of my favorite ways is cooking it with bacon and onions and finishing with balsamic vinegar.

Here's some recipes to try:

Miwa said...

Yum! My mother just stir-fried it with some dashinomoto and soy sauce. Simple but good! :)