Saturday, April 26, 2008

From Indian to Italian

A local restaurant has gone through several changes. For many years, it was a successful dance/bar/restaurant. Then just a regular restaurant, then a Chinese buffet. There are waaaaay too many cheap Asian buffets in the area and unless you've got outstanding food or are extra cheap, you won't make it. And this place didn't.

Then it was an Indian restaurant. I love Indian food. I don't cook Indian food because it is too much work, but we don't go out for Indian too often because it is rather expensive. We only ate there once and the food was good, the teas were outstanding, the service was good, the prices a little high. Before we had a chance to try it again, it turned into an Italian buffet. A cheap Italian buffet. With pre-fab pizza crusts. And cheap pasta. And really expensive sodas (not that I drink soda that often). But at least it is doing well. We went early one evening and the place was filled with seniors (they get a dollar off of the already cheap $6.99 price) and then later with families. I wasn't thrilled with the food, but Mr. Fix-it liked the variety. I'd go back without complaint since there's a few things I did like (the roasted chicken, salad bar, and some of the soups were good).

It turns out, the owners saw the writing on the wall and in week or so, changed from gourmet Indian to cheap Italian. While I'm sorry the area couldn't sustain a quality restaurant, I'm happy the owners have found business sucess. Mr. Fix-it has been there for lunch a few times and said it is always crowded. There aren't any other non-Asian buffets in the area, so hopefully they will do well. I wonder if I can convince them to add naan to the buffet?


Susan said...

remind me when you come up and we can go to our fav indian is about halfway between our house and your moms!

Angie said...

LOL -- that's quite a leap to go from nice Indian restaurant to cheap Italian buffet. Glad that it sounds like they are doing well now. (Though, all this talk of food is making me very hungry. I've been dying for Chinese food for about a week now.)