Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Missing Uncle T

March was a somewhat difficult month. Health-wise, I'm still feeling a bit too plump. Work has been crazy. One of my friends called it March Madness. And Uncle T has been gone a year. On, a woman was asking what she could do with her late husband's ties. Several people sent her links to quilts, bears, pillows, ornaments, all kinds of neat stuff.

I wish I had thought about this when Uncle T's stuff was being thrown out. Really, I just should have flown up and there and instruded. Then maybe I would have gotten back the stuff I had given him. Yes, I know they are just things. But why throw out photos and cards and my scrapbook? Why throw out the portrait of me and my siblings? I would have liked to have one of his old Navy blankets. It was wool and heavy and itchy. But we use them to built forts with the couch pillows (something we could never do at home). It would be so nice to have a quilt made from his ties. Or a throw made from Auntie L's fur coat. I really, really need to keep reminding myself that memories are better than things.


Susan said...

when my ex-fiance died, his best friend gave me an itchy old blanket he had kept in his car. we spent the end of many dates huddled in that blanket talking. funny how your comment brings that back.

scrapper al said...

I hope they are good memories Susan. Hugs!