Monday, July 21, 2008

How rude!

My SIL had a "girls night out" dinner party at her place this weekend. I didn't know anyone there except her sister. It seemed that everyone was from her church or MOPS group. Which meant that everyone was a mom...except for me. I can handle that. I'm not as good as handling the rude questions. If you ask someone if they have children and they say no, move on. So when Mrs. Busybody asked me "Was it by choice?" I was going to ask her why she wanted to know. But I was afraid everyone else at the table would think that I was being rude and certainly didn't want people thinking my SIL has rude relatives. And age! That's none of your damn business and my husband's age is also none of your damn business.

And it was pretty obvious to me that some of the ladies were a little put off by how comfortable I was in the house. I guess they couldn't tell if I was the hired help or what, lol. But hey, if C was busy in the other room, shouldn't I try to make people comfortable? Help them put their purses away, get out the drinks?

C made a huge spread, very impressive with two kinds of pork loin, two kinds of lamb chops, risotto, and fish. All in all, it was a very successful evening for C, but not so much for me.


Angie said...

I'm so sorry to hear this! I just don't get what makes people think that can ask questions like that. Unfortunately, it isn't actually any better when you have kids either. People always manage to have something rude to ask. I once had someone who knew that Molly was a bit delayed in speech (at that time, not any more), and also knew that Noah has Autism. Then, I said something about Jack's heart defect, and she said, "You ARE done having kids, aren't you?" I was mortified. Seriously -- why didn't she just say, "You make defective children, you're not planning on making any more, are you?" Augh! It's always something, I suppose.

Sorry that it happened to you though.

Kristie said...

I too am sorry you were treated that way.
Even though I have kids I don't like being around those mommy, mom type groups. My parenting is SO very different from most people I've met. I'm more lax, easy going. I'm not a germ-a-phobe, I don't snap at my boys over every little thing. I just can't be wound that tight. Ya know.

My kids grew up happy, they are healthy, they have their solid faith foundation, they are respectful, they are intelligent. I didn't mess them up too much, even though I didn't follow the status quot. lol

I am rambling but I said all that because I can relate to those situations. It is one of the main reasons we quit going to the homeschool meetings. Don't even get me started on that bunch!

scrapper al said...

Thanks ladies! I'm sorry to hear that it's also happened to you.