Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm all shook up!

Sang in my best Elvis voice! It was a big one today, 5 point something, with coworkers diving under their desks. Me? I just squeaked a bit when a few things fell over in my coworkers cubicles. I just had a beanie baby fall off my monitor, nothing else out of place.

As soon as the earthquake hit, people were calling home on their cell phones. Of course, service was disrupted and spotty. I couldn't get a hold of Mr. Fix-it for about half an hour. My cell kept dropping the calls. Normally, I wouldn't be too worried, but I knew he was doing some wooodworking today so I wanted to check in with him. It was a relief to finally talk to him. So we're fine. Hopefully, it relieved a lot of pressure and put off the really big one for a few more years.


Kristie said...

Dang! I gotta quote Will Smith. "I'm from Philly were the people move and the ground doesn't." LOL That's from an episode of Fresh Prince of Bel air after he experienced his first little quake.

I'd freak OUT. We have tornadoes here but I've never experienced one IRL...yet. Hopefully I never will.

Glad you, Mr. Fix-It, and everyone else is OK. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear aside from a little squeal, you're alright. Oh and I hope no Beanie Babies were injured! =0)


Becca L. said...

Glad you are ok! I don't think I'd hanlde it as gracefully!

scrapper al said...

Thanks everyone! Tornados??? That would freak me out!

Kristie said...

Yeah, I guess with earthquakes when they happen they just happen.

With tornadoes they pretty much just say one touched down in a general area and you never know for certain if it's going to come for you or not. They have minds of their own as to what directions they will take.

I'd prefer experiencing neither if given the choice. lol :)