Sunday, July 06, 2008

Why I can't get rid of any scrapbook supplies

Here's a layout of my SIL meeting my niece for the first time.
I was trying to be all creative with the quote and miscalculated the spacing. Oh well, being that I don't believe in redoing layouts (and I don't have enough of the large rub-on letters to redo it), it stays as is. I still need to add the names/date, but I don't want to do that until I confirm which twin is in the photo. I'm pretty sure it is E, but I want the parents to confirm before I commit pen to paper.

As I was going through my stash trying to choose papers, I was struck by how much I still like a lot of the "old" stuff. These papers are at least three years old, maybe older. All of the embellishments are at least a year old. Actually, the Heidi Swapp rub-ons might be about 10 months old, but still, they're not new. Sometimes, it is a little difficult when I'm doing Design Team stuff since my stash of oldies is so much larger than my stash of new stuff. I don't want to be promoting stuff people can't get from Linnecards. But that's part of the fun: using up my old stuff to make room for more new stuff from Linnecards.

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Kristie said...

Arlyn, I've got just the fix for that LO.
Stamp an E on to a small cardstock square and put it over top of the blocked e on your LO. It will hide the miscalculation and no one will ever be the wiser that the new E wasn't intentional. :)