Sunday, July 06, 2008

I know why people keep having babies

There's something so lovable and sweet about babies. Granted, I've never had to get up to feed or comfort a baby all through the night, so my view is biased. But now that the twins are over a year old, eating and drinking by themselves, and walking around, I have to admit they have lost some of their baby cuteness. I miss cuddling them while feeding them their bottles. I miss their simple onesies. I miss their baby smell.

When I was at my scrap getaway, one of the scrappers was still nursing and one day the dad brought the baby in for a feeding. Ohhhhh, was she sweet! She still had that baby smell and the sweetest baby smile. She reminded me again how much I love babies.

Oh the other hand, when the twins are a little older (and potty trained), I can have them over for sleepovers and shopping trips and other fun stuff. Sooo, growing up is a good thing.


Becca L. said...

Yeah, I kind of feel the same way after finally meeting my new niece this past weekend. Then, all I had to see was my FSIL constantly nursing every 2-3 hours to knock that silly little thought out of my head! You would be such a fun aunt to have though - want to adopt me?

scrapper al said...

I'm looking for someone to adopt ME, lol! But if your kids ever need a pen pal or Flat Stanley hostess, you know where to find me.

Kristie said...

I'll pass. LOL

I was lucky to get the two babies I got! I've never been one to swoon and fall in love with their smell, their coos, or anything. I am not good with being needed 24/7 for their every need.

I'm a much better mom to teenagers and young adults. Much, much better. :)