Monday, September 08, 2008

Am I fat?

One of my coworkers is at that awkward pregnancy stage where her regular clothes are too tight and she's not quite large enough for pregnancy clothes. So since I'm a little larger than she is, I offered to loan her some of my clothes, or at least my "fat" clothes and some of my clothes that are knit or have elastic waists. She's worn a few things to work and commented on others so I'm glad she's getting some use. But I'm a little embarrassed that my regular clothes fit a pregnant woman.


Angie said...

I am pretty sure that the only place you are fat is if you are in a group of very dedicated anorexics.

Seriously -- your co-worker must be small -- that doesn't make *you* fat.

Kristie said...

If you are fat then I qualify as a Macy's parade balloon! lol

scrapper al said...

I know I'm not really fat, just fluffy enough to help out a pregnant friend.