Friday, September 19, 2008

The backyard or under the mattress

Those seem like better choices as to where to keep my money. That's what my grandfather did. What's good enough for him is good enough for me, right? Maybe my dollars wouldn't keep up with inflation, but at least I'd still have them.

I'm so angry and frustrated and sad. I feel like I've done all the things you're supposed to do as a responsible citizen. Never invested in get-rich quick schemes. Always purchased health insurance, even when I had to pay for it out of pocket as a poor student. I've always voted, paid my taxes on time, never went into debt except for college and our house and two cars. Since those two cars, we've paid cash for subsequent vehicles. We pay our bills on time, put money away for a rainy day, put money away for retirement, donate to charity. Sacrifice now so no one will have to take care of us later.

Yet, the leaders in finance can't be so careful. And my tax dollars have to prop up a failing system. So what do people learn? You don't have to be responsible. It's okay to risk your money and everyone elses because you've got to get while the getting's good. That irresponsible risk is okay because the government will bail you out.

Okay, maybe this is a simplistic view. I'm not an economist, I'm not a financial guru. I'm just an ordinary citizen who's scared of her economic future.

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Angie said...

It definitely is scary, isn't it?