Sunday, April 11, 2010

Passed on the blueberries again

They were only 99 cents for 4 oz. That's a great price, but again, these were from Chili. I can't wait until "local" blueberries are available. I put local in quotes because I'm willing to buy them if they're trucked in from another state. Obviously, I'm not on jumping on the locavorian wagon yet. And I bought veggies that weren't local, but I justified that with the thought they looked fresher than the local stuff and I'm making food to take to my BIL's for the last family dinner before my other BIL leaves. Baby steps, or maybe it is one step forward and then another step back.

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~Holly~ said...

I know what you mean about waiting. I'm waiting for the local strawberries. So far I've resisted buying them at the store. I caved on the blueberries though...had to have some in my Greek yogurt! =0)