Thursday, April 29, 2010

National Scrapbook Day

Coming soon! This weekend in fact. Unfortunately, I don't have any plans. We've got a full day of errands planned, which doesn't leave much time for scrapbooking. Not good since I'm going to a crop in a few weeks and at minimum, I should be prepping for that.

What are your NSD plans (or what were your plans)? Let me know in the comments by Monday and I'll use my crystal ball (or to pick a lucky commenter to receive some scrappy goodness. I'm not sure what yet, but maybe some stamps, ribbon...I'm sure I can find some yummy stuff.


Susan said...

uh, yeah....didn't even REALIZE it was NSD this weekend until earlier today! I am guessing that means I won't be "celebrating" much myself! pathetic, huh??

oh wait....I *think* ScrapVillage has a virtual crop this weekend. maybe I'll stop by there?!?!?

Miwa said...

I'm looking forward to NSD - my new favorite store ( has issued some challenges and a sweet shopping promo code (25% off) so I'll be working on that...)... and oh, doing some online shopping. What fun!

~Holly~ said...

Scrapbooking...what's that? I'm very very bad. I haven't scrapbooked a dang thing in quite a while. I did manage to use up all my creative mojo this weekend to make a baby card for a friend. My SIL has enlisted me to make her baby announcements. Someone share some creativity with me. I've used mine all up! =0)