Friday, April 09, 2010

It was a beautiful day

My FIL's funeral was today. It has been a crazy week. The family opted to forgo a mass since the first available opening was the middle of next week. I would have preferred the mass because 1) my FIL was a devoted Catholic and 2) I could have used the break in the preparations and the weekend to recover (just being honest here).

Monday was spent trying to recover from the shock of FIL's passing, planning the funeral, writing the obituary (we wanted to get it in the newspaper as soon as possible), and writing the bio and selecting the photos for the memorial website. Tuesday was more planning and an attempt to get some sleep. We hadn't gotten much sleep in the past few weeks. I also started a draft of the eulogy. Wednesday, made the memorial boards (woo hoo, used my Cricut to cut out the letters). It took way longer than I thought it would and I wish I had used more photos. Oh well. Finished the eulogy, but wasn't happy with it. Thursday was the viewing and vigil. Mr. Fix-it and I took a break mid-afternoon and the poor guy fell asleep as soon as he sat on the couch. I printed out more photos for the photo binder. After the vigil, we went back to FIL's house where the brothers reminisced about FIL. BILs and Mr. Fix-it were finally able to talk a bit about their dad and share some good memories. Just a few thoughts here and there helped fill out their image of their father and I was able to rewrite the eulogy that night (yes, more lack of sleep).

Then there was today. The sun shone brightly; there was a breeze. This morning, we brought a few more photos to the funeral home that we forgot yesterday. Met Deacon Bill who was from FIL's church and officiating. Saw family whom I hadn't seen since the last funeral (Uncle N, last year) and the funeral before that (Uncle T, two years ago). It was difficult, really, really difficult to get started with the eulogy. I'm not sure why. Deacon Bill and Mr. Fix-it both came up to give me moral support. It wasn't this difficult when I gave the eulogy for Mr. Fix-it's mother. But I got through it...barely. And hopefully I won't need to do this again for a long, long time.

It was a beautiful service, it was wonderful seeing family, it was a really, really sad day.


Susan said...

I am sure it was lovely and that Mr. F's family appreciated you and your words! Maybe your friends who go to mass can think a little think about your FIL the next time they are at mass in his honor? I will be sure to!

as always, I am here for you! wish I could be there for you.....but I am here instead! (((hugs)))

Miwa said...

It sounds like FIL was a wonderfully special and well-loved man who was cherished throughout his life. And, what an honor to be asked to do the eulogy for such a man!

I wish I could offer you some words to bring you comfort... in my experience, I just felt better remembering all the good times and good memories. =)