Monday, September 27, 2010

No more brown bagging it

Got myself a new lunch bag. I've been coveting these Built bags for quite a while and when I saw this one for sale, along with a turquoise version, I couldn't resist.

I had been using a Lean Cuisine/Susan G. Komen lunch bag (it looks like they aren't selling them this year), a gift from my friend V for a few years and was ready for a change.

I like how the bag squishes down when it's empty. My coworker throws hers in the washing machine every once in a while so I know they're easy to clean.


~Holly~ said...

Cute new bag! Reminds me of scrapbook paper! FUN!!

Susan said...

that is WAY cute! and I LOVE the idea of it being washable!!

Rich said...

Wow, a stylish-looking lunch bag. I would want one in simple black or gray, with a Social Distortion logo on it...but then, I'm a guy. :)