Sunday, August 14, 2011

100 things update

It is day 2 of my 100 things challenge and we're off to a great start. Yesterday, we dropped off two boxes of magazines and 12 books at the library donation box. If I wanted to make it easy on myself, I'd count the dozens of magazines individually, but I'll be good and count each box as one item.

I also tossed two cardboard boxes. Now, you might think that is cheating, but the truth is, it is a very practical tossing. Practical, because that means I can't fill the boxes up with stuff that "I'll put away later." Practical, because that means I actually put away the stuff that was in the boxes.

Mr. Fix-it listed a couple things on Craigslist and they went fast! The rabbit hutch sold yesterday and an old bike sold today. Mr. Fix-it (and I) are thrilled to have a few more bucks in his pocket.

2 boxes of magazines
12 books
2 cardboard boxes
1 rabbit hutch :(
1 bike

total gone: 18/100


Miwa said...

Sounds like you're off to a great start! A rabbit hutch, eh? Did you ever have a rabbit? (I'm asking because I'd *love* to have a rabbit, but my husband simply will not let me). Humph!

scrapper al said...

Yep, I had a bunny. :( I'd love to have another one, but since I don't know when it will happen, we decided to sell the hutch. If you garden, the poop makes great compost.