Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ungrateful scrapbooker

That's what I'm calling myself at the moment. I had a few packs of American Crafts Foam Thickers lose their stickiness (they are supposed to be self-adhesive) so I wrote the company. They asked me to send the Thickers back and they would replace them and also reimburse me for the postage with AC product. They replaced the Thickers no problem, but for the reimbursement, they sent me a huge pack of paper. The problem is, it is a cheap version of their regular paper. Their regular paper is a much heavier weight and usually has a cut off strip with their name/pattern listed. This paper is see through. Maybe that's why they didn't print their name on the back of it. It would have shown through. So, while I like the designs, I won't be using much of it. I would have been much happier with an extra set of Thickers. It would have cost the company a whole heck of a lot less in postage. Anyway, that's why I'm saying I'm ungrateful.

P.S. If you are looking for a Christmas present for me, I like any of the AC Foam or Puffy Thickers. Forget about the chipboard, felt, or vinyl versions. The chipboard doesn't stick either and the latter two are gross (adhesive stains and the vinyl stinks).


Kristie said...

Dude! No chipboard? Are you kidding?!

Whenever I use chipboard letters I use the KI Memories Gloo and those suckers stick...for life. In fact it dries really fast too. I was worried it would take forever since it is a liquid adhesive, but that's not the case at all!

I've also had success running my thinner chipboard letters through my Xyron machine.

I do like Thickers too, but haven't used as many of them as I should. I only have a couple dozen packs. ;) lol

scrapper al said...

A couple dozen packs? I'm envious! I think I'm gonna try the Basic Grey Microchip letters.