Thursday, October 16, 2008

Could you be any cuter?

Over at Linnecards, we had an Inspiration Relay Challenge. That means person #1 makes a layout and emails it to person #2. Then person #2 uses that layout as inspiration (design, color, embellishments, whatever) and makes her own layout. Repeat for person #3, #4, and so on. No one sees all the layouts together until we're done. Here's mine. I had been looking for a chance to scrap this photo and the challenge came just at the right time.
You can see all the layouts (in reverse order) here. This was great fun and easy too. You could easily set this up among a group of scrapping friends. You don't have to be on the same message board; you could do it all by e-mail.


Kristie said...

Your LO is adorable, Arlyn!

Do you peel the adhesive backing off of the (I'm assuming) Queen & Co. felt border, or leave it on and adhere over the backing?

Every time I've tried to work with that stuff I stretch the design 10 kinds of crazy trying to remove the backing and get it on the page. Thus loosing its definition almost beyond recognition of its original pattern.

Oh and...
Do you wanna come over and help me make twenty 8X8 LOs about our cabin vacation?? lol I am procrastinating because I am dreading pulling the pp for it. I know I will enjoy the process once I have that part done, It's just taking me forever to take the plunge and get in gear.

scrapper al said...

That Queen & Co felt is a b*tch to work with. I peeled the backing off bit by bit, but a friend suggested adhering over the backing.

And I'd love to crop with you. Just let me get my plane ticket. ;)

Kristie said...

HA HA ok! I haven't started on it yet, though I do hope to get on it later today. ;) You'd better hurry.