Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jazzing up the blog

Nope, haven't done it yet. Though I'm considering changing my banner. But that would involve designing a banner and then I'd probably get all anal about it and want to change it every season or every month and who has time for that? I'm not too into widgets or gadgets either, but I am looking for a good word cloud, if you have any suggestions. And while I'm asking, what's your favorite site meter?


Kristie said...

What's a word cloud??? lol

My hit counter is a free one I found on someones blog, followed the link and installed it.

I also like The Cutest Blog on the Block for changing the background because it's free and a simple copy and paste of the code and you're done. No way I could spend hours designing them myself. Too impatient.

Angie said...

I like keeping track of stats with Google Analytics.

What kind of word cloud are you talking about? Like on my blog with my topics as the word cloud, for instance? I think I just searched and found the directions how to do it.

A new banner might be fun. :) It wouldn't be hard to design.