Saturday, March 28, 2009

Photo 62/365 Groceries

Life cereal x4
Quaker oatmeal x2
Breakfast sausage
Oral B floss x2
Oral B toothbrush x2
Pillsbury pizza crust x2
Pillsbury Italian loaf x2
Lentils x2
Salad mix

Total $16.36

Nothing was free (so I'm not as good as some of you CVSers or coupon hounds), but everything was on sale or on clearance except for the newspaper. And there's even some healthy stuff in there, lol. I'm pretty impressed that the cereal/oatmeal's final price was 50 cents each after sales/coupons. The regular price on the cereal/oatmeal is over $4/box. Why would anyone shop without coupons or not check what's on sale? Since it's the end of the month, I was leaving soon-to-expire coupons all over the store. Hopefully they will save someone some money (and not make a mess and work for the clerks).

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