Monday, March 09, 2009

Not helping the economy

I went to the mall after work today. Target was bustling, but the rest of the mall was dead. In fact, there were several shops that were closed. I couldn't tell if they were closed for good, closed early, closed for the season (one was an ice cream shop), or what. In any case, I figure that closed shops are not a good sign of the economy. I was there to return a couple of items and I had no intention of buying more stuff, but there was a shoe sale and I need new shoes. No, really I do. I need more dress shoes for work, both for wearing with dresses and pants. Lucky for my pocketbook, nothing fit or was available in my size. Not good for the store or the economy.

Mom's not helping the economy either. When I was home, she thanked me again for the pants I gave her...about 20 years ago. Honestly, I can't remember when I gave them her so I'm just guessing. (Hey J, do you remember?) Mom hasn't bought new clothes in years. She wears the hand-me-downs from anyone who'll give them to her, no matter how they fit, lol.

As for grocery shopping, we struggled to spend $20 so we could take advantage of the some of the loss leader coupons. I think the six-pack of water for me put us over the top. She's got a fridge/freezer full of food so I'm not sure where it all comes from. Basically, I'm just saying that as much as I like shopping, don't depend on us to stimulate the economy.


Kristie said...

Don't feel bad. I think I'm spending enough for me and you both. Between replacing all the water lines and having to have all new lines dug...that's gotta help a little, right?

Let's not forget my $116 bill to have my car re-aligned the other day.

Around here everything is breaking to make sure we stimulate the economy, I think. lol

wwjt said...

New trousers for Mom from 20 yrs ago? I think I'd have to see them to remember! But I nearly slipped off the chair laughing when I read that! ;-D

How crazy is it that we wait until Friday, when has a RiteAid printout coupon ($5 off of $25) and we run to the library on Sat to print it out, so we can go to RiteAid and get their "freebates"? Well, almost free--we still had to pay tax, unlike when we were in Delaware, but it was a lot of stuff (we can give away).