Sunday, May 17, 2009

Overdoing it

I'm frantically trying to clean house for my house guest this week, so lots of straightening up, vacuuming, dusting, and even some tossing. I need to put away my personal papers (bank statements, pay statements, etc.), not that this person would deliberately look for this stuff, but the reality is, we don't get guests that often so we leave a lot of personal stuff out until we get around to filing it...months later, lol.

Add to that a stressful job (too much computer time), more gardening, and then a cooking marathon (more on that later), and my arm is killing me. So why am I on the computer again? Typing doesn't hurt, like mousing does. Besides, I'm giving the rest of my body a break. How's that for an excuse? And haven't you been anxiously awaiting a new blog post?

As for the cooking marathon, the special of the day at the grocery store was 15 pounds of potatoes for $1.49. So of course we bought a bag. Normally, I'd cook up a huge batch of mashed potatoes and freeze it, but there isn't any room in the freezer. I stocked up during Frozen Food month (March) and have yet to make a dent in what's there. Plus there's the usual stock and stock fixings and yes, I need a freezer. But that costs money. And takes up space. And we don't have extras of either.

Back to the far I've made potato salad, a casserole (to be baked for dinner tonight), and I've got soup simmering on the stove. And I've still got half the bag. Anyone want to come over and peel some potatoes?


Kristie said...

Did you know that you can freeze uncooked potatoes? I didn't until I saw bags in the freezer section of a grocery store here.

I use them when I am making crock pot dinners.

Take the potatoes, cut them in half - or however you like, freeze'em and next time you make a roast just put the potatoes in the crock with the meat. They'll get done at the same time and you'd never know they were frozen.

HTH. And PS. No need to peel. Just wash and freeze. Or slice and freeze. =)

~Holly~ said...

I'm glad you mentioned the potato marathon because I made a batch of mashed potatoes and now have leftovers. I didn't know they froze okay. Thanks for the tip!!