Monday, March 29, 2010

12 minutes

After leaving the hospital after 7:00 last night, then stopping at FIL's to do a little more cleaning, we got home quite late. Luckily, I was prepared to do a quick stir fry with the ingredients I had on hand.

First, I diced some Chinese sausage and onion and added that to my wok. No oil needed since the Chinese sausage is pretty fatty. As that was browning, I rinsed the bean sprouts and pea shoots. After the onion was cooked, I added the bean sprouts and gave them a few quick tosses until they just started to turn color. Then I added the pea shoots. I should have added them a little at a time, but I was too lazy and threw the whole batch in at once so it was difficult for the water to cook off. In between stirring, I microwaved some leftover rice. I finished the stir fry with some garlic powder (gasp! what, no fresh garlic??), white pepper, and a splash of black vinegar.

There you have it, dinner in 12 minutes. I was hoping to get it done in 10 since I didn't have that much chopping to do; also, I think the stir fry would have been better with noodles, but I didn't want to wait for water to boil. None the less, I'm pretty proud of myself for feeding us a relatively healthy meal so quickly.


Miwa said...

OMG - you're my idol! 12 minutes? IMPRESSIVE!

~Holly~ said...

Sounds yummy and 12 min to boot! You're a rock star!