Sunday, March 21, 2010


Stress = a month ago, we learned about some unscheduled projects with absurdly short deadlines and limited information. No problem. We'll fit them into our schedule.

Stress = three weeks ago, there was a reorganization and layoffs and we'll be absorbing some of that work into our department. I'll be in charge of that. No problem, I can do that.

Stress = about three weeks ago, we hired a contractor to help with the increased workload and to take the place of someone going out on maternity leave. Yay, extra help! Hmmm, guess who has to help bring her up to speed? No problem, it is part of my job.

Stress = two weeks ago there was a reorganization and my manager has a new manager, plus will be managing another group. No problem, we're team players. No matter that my manager doesn't have enough hours in the day to take manage the staff he has now, plus take care of all the special projects managers seems to have.

Stress = two weeks ago, had to do my self-evaluation. I just love doing them...NOT! And it isn't like there's money in the budget for merit increases. No problem, it is a part of being employed at a big company. Got it done.

Stress = one week ago, I gained half a pound and haven't been able to get rid of it. Not a big deal with everything else going on, but d@amn it, I'm trying to loose weight, not gain weight.

Stress = 4 days ago, in the morning, I noticed radiator fluid leaking from my car. That's okay, I'll drive Mr. Fix-it's car. Opps, nope, because his car was already scheduled to go into the shop. No problem, I'll just be careful on my commute.

Stress = 4 days ago, lunchtime, call to Mr. Fix-it, "How was your Dad's doctor's visit?" Mr. Fix-it gave me the bad news that his dad was taken to the emergency room.

Stress = 4 days ago, afternoon, learned FIL had a heart attack and is in intensive care.

Stress = 4 days ago, late evening, call from BIL, come to the hospital now, things don't look good. It is heartbreaking to watch your loved one make copies of his father's advanced directive (which the hospital should have had already) and get the business card for the funeral home, just in case.

Stress = 4 days ago, even later in the evening, had "the talk" with FIL about what he wanted done if things got worse.

Stress = 3 days ago, 1:30 in the morning. Had the same talk with the doctor. Finally, we came home, but didn't sleep much.

Stress = 3 days ago, morning, pick up BIL from the airport and drive directly to the hospital. I sure hope I remember how to get there. D@mn, we're all exhausted. FIL looks a tiny bit better, but his vitals are jumping all over the place.

Stress = 3 days ago. Talked to the doctor. FIL is up to 50/50 chance of survival (up from the 20% of a few hours ago), but it may be weeks before he can come home, if ever. I go home just to get away from the hospital, make some phone calls, pick up my laptop so I can get some work done, and head back. Call Mr. Fix-it to make sure he doesn't need anything. When I get to the hospital 20 minutes later, FIL's room is empty and I don't see family anywhere...I'm in shock. Luckily, a staff member sees me and finds out where FIL was moved...literally, down the hall.

Stress = 2 days ago, try to play catchup at work. Being out one day really puts you behind schedule. Call Mr. Fix-it for an update. What do you mean they might release your father tomorrow??!!?

FIL came home yesterday, doctor says he should live a normal life, but will tire easily. BIL is staying with him for a while. We need to improve FIL's diet. Hopefully, life will get back to normal soon, whatever normal is.


Richard Hellinga said...

Hang in there. That's good news about your FIL; sounds like he's doing much better.

Miwa said...

Oh, no! I had no idea all of this was happening! I'm very glad to hear your FIL finally came home.