Sunday, March 07, 2010

Popovers, take 2

Last week I blogged about popovers and this morning, I thought I'd try making them again. This time, I used a variation of Rose Levy's recipe.

I didn't have any Wondra flour so I just used regular flour. And I'm much too lazy to slit open the sides to let steam out (a traditional popover technique), but as it turns out, I didn't have to. As you can see, most of my popovers ended up hollow in the middle. I don't know why.

These did not rise as high and were much firmer and much less eggy than David Lebovitz's recipe (I prefer the eggy version).
Again, I don't know if it because of the technique, the flour, or what. I ended with a dozen smallish popovers. Note that this time I used regular sugar instead of baker's sugar to coat them and I was surprised that I liked the coating from last week (when I used baker's sugar) better.

The good thing is, Mr. Fix-it liked these better. The bad thing is, after breakfast, I knocked over the rack and last five popovers landed on the floor. (Yes, do the math, twelve minus five means that Mr. Fix-it and I demolished seven of those puppies this morning. So I guess the good thing is I saved us a few calories.)


Susan said...

so it sounds like for my preferences, I should use THIS recipe and the sugar from last week's attempt?!?!? (and don't you know about the 5 second rule??)

scrapper al said...

David's recipe was definitely softer (what I think of when I think of popovers), even with me overbaking them. I don't think Mr. Fix-it noticed a change in the sugar so it probably doesn't make that much of a difference. Let me know how they turn out for you.

~Holly~ said...

MMmmm...looks go good!