Monday, January 03, 2011

Out with the old

Over the holiday break, I convinced Mr. Fix-it to take a few shopping trips so I could scout out some bargains. I didn't get a few things I wanted (a black belt, new coat, dress shoes and pants for work), but I get a few sweaters for work, two pairs of sneakers (mine are falling apart), three nightgowns (I don't really need them, but I couldn't resist since they were only $2 each), and nylons (yes, I still wear them).

In my quest to reduce the amount of crap in the house, I am trying to throw out something for every new item I bring in, so this means I needed to get rid of eight things (I'm not counting the nylons since they'll get thrown out eventually). In an ideal world, it would be one for one, but I couldn't bear to part with two pairs of shoes (I'm keeping my crappy sneakers for working in the yard). It was a struggle, but here's what is going into the giveaway box:Really, why am I keeping skirts that don't fit or blouses I don't like or a rose-colored suit that I haven't worn in 10 years? Who knows if anyone at Goodwill will want this stuff? All of it is still wearable (some of the tops have only been worn a few times), even if it isn't fashionable.

I did pick up another bargain, some of my favorite chocolate. I'm pretty sure the candy will taste just as good now as it would have before Christmas. It was only 40% off, but since the candy hardly ever goes on sale, I couldn't resist.


Susan said...

those are way cute shoes!! (what size? lol!)

Miwa said...

Good for you, being able to purge (and for bargain shopping)! And every girl needs some chocolate on hand for "emergencies"! =) BTW thanks for the tip on BG at BL - I *had* to go yesterday and scored on Euphoria collection packs.