Thursday, January 20, 2011

Scrapbook accounting update

Three weeks into the year and I'm doing okay on the scrapbook accounting front. I'd feel a little better if I actually sold some stuff to pay for what I'm buying, but listing it somewhere just seems like too much work right now.

Used/given away:
22 letter size paper
38 yards of fiber/ribbon
1 ribbon pack
6 buttons
2 brads
3 flowers
3 gems
7 sticker sheets
1 stamp
1 embellishment pack

Purchased (-$25.15):
2 embellishment packs
9 12x12 paper
1 sticker sheet
2 yards ribbon
1 tool (Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher)

March update
Purchased tool (-$20)
LSS garage sale(-$10)
Purchased (-4.25)
5 embellishment packs
5 sticker sheets
Sold $153

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Teresa Loop said...

Hey there! Many thanks for coming by my blog!

I too, have recently been purging through my supplies. I have several kits from clubs I belonged to. I broke the kits all apart and filed the things I actually liked into my stash. I was surprised how much of it I would have never bought. I've given so much of it away, or let my kids 'scrap' with it. I haven't kept track of my purchases though..... LOL!