Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another sales bust at Michaels

I heard that Michaels (the craft store) was clearancing some Cricut cartridges for only $9.99. Michaels sales are so weird. These cartridges were regularly $69.99, not that anyone would pay full price for them. You could easily find them online for $39.99, $29.99 if there's a sale, and less than $20 if you went the ebay route. If Michaels had priced them at $14.99 or maybe even $19.99, I think they still would have sold out.

Of course, the sale started on different days in different parts of the country and 2peas was abuzz with the deals or empty shelves people were finding. Me, since I didn't check out sale for a couple days, I was met with empty shelves. I'm not sure why I bothered. I hardly use my Cricut (I'm more of a Quickutz gal).

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~Holly~ said...

You don't NEED anything to be lured to a sale. It's the thrill of the catch. LOL!