Monday, January 24, 2011

It was a Hello Kitty birthday

It was the twins' birthday celebration yesterday. Hello Kitty was everywhere, including this cute cake their mom made (red velvet!). All the presents were Hello Kitty themed, including these, lol. Woo hoo! Big girl panties! Here was my present to them. Doesn't look that exciting, does it? A stack of paper.But it turns into this: The girls, their friend, and I played several rounds of the memory/match/concentration game. I didn't know that they already were familiar with the game, having played it on the computer. But I'll bet it wasn't Hello Kitty! I ended up giving one set to the girls and another set to their little friend. It was really difficult for her to understand that she could play with all the presents, but couldn't take anjavascript:void(0)y home. It was fun to make use of my scrap supplies; I did buy the Hello Kitty dies just to make stuff for the girls since I've outgrown Hello Kitty. (How's that for justification of my purchases?)

(I need add three 12x12 sheets used to my scrapbook accounting total)


Miwa said...

What adorable things! Great present you made for the girls, too!

~Holly~ said...

Wowy!! My kinda party! Hello kitty all around! I love the gift you made! Awesome Aunt!!