Sunday, January 09, 2011

That was a different shopping trip

We went to a different grocery store from our usual since it was on the way home from running errands. Adding to the strangeness was I didn't have my coupon box with me. I have no idea why I didn't bring it. As it turns out, we really didn't need it because we bought a ton of stuff on clearance (and I know I didn't have coupons for any of this). Most of food has a sell by date of 1/12 or later so we're very comfortable buying it to eat/freeze this week. All this plus another bag of groceries for $16! Dry salami $0.79, regular price $5.49. Individual tapioca pudding $0.10. Cooked chicken breast (6 oz) $0.25, regular price $4.49; we're adding some sauce and having it for dinner tomorrow. Bean sprouts for $0.25. A frozen dinner for an emergency lunch or dinner. Our groceries usually have a much lower amount of packaged/processed foods, but I couldn't resist these deals. We may have to switch back to this store if we continue to get deals like these.


Kristin said...

You need to write a book about this Arlyn. I need some serious grocery savings help!

tini said...

I'm drooling with jealousy right now ;)

I'm sure you saw, I privatized my blog. I pulled your email address off your blogger profile, but if you didn't get an invite, let me know at, just leave a comment on anything with your email addy (comments don't appear on that blog) and I'll send it again.