Monday, January 07, 2008

How many e-mail addresses do you have?

I have five: one for work, one personal that I check almost daily, one personal that I check every couple days, one I hardly check at all, but I keep because I need it to send large files and to maintain my google account, and one joint account with A. I also have a couple of inactive freebie accounts that I could probably reactive if I wanted. The two personal were to separate my fun life (scrapbooking) from my serious life (professional orgs, family). But I'm migrating more and more people to my fun e-mail since I check that one more often. Does that mean I'm having more fun in life? I hope so! lol! But I really think it means that I'm trying to simplify my life.


wwjt said...

I think it means you're having more fun in your life! Simplifying your life is always a good thing: takes weight off your life until you begin to complicate it all over again...! I'll ALL for simplifying ANYtime. ;-)

Angie said...

I have two regular emails accounts (one is what I use more for listservs, my blog, and when I need to list an email to sign up for something). I also have an email account for my business, and then another one for the blog roll I run. I used to have one more too, but finally got rid of it.

Susan said...

1. work, 2. family home, 3. supposedly junk mail suscription scrapbookie kinda stuff, 4. LM
not bad! lol!!