Friday, January 25, 2008

Mr. Fix-it

I've been thinking about giving A another name on my blog, ala Pioneer Woman's Marlboro Man. Obviously, that name is taken and besides A doesn't smoke so I had to come up with something else. I thought that "A" was difficult to read throughout my blog, even though you're probably used to seeing initials instead of names. I asked A to come up with ideas and this was one of them.

Today, he earned that name and more! I drove his car to work because it was raining and I wanted the extra security of his car (newer, larger). He called to let me know that I had two new tires. Huh? It turns out, I had a nail in one tire. He was working in the garage and noticed that tire was low. Thank goodness I didn't drive my car to work today. Thank goodness A is observant. Thank goodness A takes care of me. So today is the perfect day to unveil A's new name: Here's to Mr. Fix-it!

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Becca L. said...

Hooray for Mr. Fix-It!