Saturday, January 19, 2008

The stock market is headed in the wrong direction

It looks like our big account is down about 2% overall, which isn't too bad, but does that mean I have too much $ conseratively invested? Some of our mutual funds are down 10% (ouch!) to give you an idea. The huge downturn was a topic of discussion with some of my officemates. The worrywarts were running around like Chicken Little. Plus, I think they were using the downturn as an excuse to probe about others' finances. I wasn't fooled! I think my attitude of I'm not moving my money around, I'm in it for the long haul, and hopefully, dollar-cost averaging and long-term growth will pay off when I retire surprised them.

I don't know enough about investing to move my money around all the time. Some people check their retirement accounts daily. Seems like that would be a stressor, not something that reassures you. Although, I do check our outside investments often--several times a month. Gotta keep tabs on the cash flow and move money out of savings when big bills are coming in. Long-term investments? I just hope the numbers keep creeping up (which they're not doing at the moment).

Of course, I wish I had some spare change to purchase some mututal funds that were at the lowest in over a year. But wishing doesn't get you too far.

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